Mains Water Pipe Leak Repairs In Kent

Water Main Pipe Replacement

At CK Civils we always offer the best solution for you. Our supply leak service offers localised water pipe repairs to your burst water supply pipe. If you believe you have a water leak, the first action to take is Water Leak Detection and Pipe Tracing. Our engineers are trained and experienced in using various types of leak detection equipment and listening devices to pinpoint leaks and locate water supply pipes quickly and efficiently so that the necessary repairs can be speedily carried out

Impact Moling a New Water Supply Pipe

Save money and disruption on your home water supply pipe replacements with the latest trenchless techniques from CK Civils. Our state-of-the-art moling equipment can bore accurate, efficient channels for new pipe work without the need for large scale excavation. This allows us to carry out our replacements with minimal disruption to your property.

Our water mains replacement starts from the stop tap at the boundary of your property up to the connection inside your house, giving you a single, seamless water supply replacement that has superior integrity and flexibility, leaving it less prone to splits and cracks with none of the risks of lead contamination.

Using our moling technique, Trenchless water pipe replacement proves to be quicker, more efficient and certainly more cost-effective than traditional trenching methods, with no need for unsightly channels dug through your garden and driveway. This service includes survey, excavation, water supply pipe replacement, connection and reinstatement.

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Problems With Lead In Water Mains

Impact Moling Water Mains Lead Water Mains Replacement Repair Leaking Water Pipes

Lead if consumed through the drinking water can cause a range of health hazards in infant children and adults. Due to the erosion of the metal as a result of a chemical reaction between water and the pipe walls, lead can get mixed with the water stream and can cause both mental and physical issues , in children. In adults, drinking water containing lead over a long period of time can cause high blood pressure, and also kidney problems. The amount of lead present in the water depends on the amount and the types of the minerals in the water and how long the water is in the pipeline and other factors.